Beijing Pharmaceutical LTD (BP) is pharmaceutical company developing products of the highest quality, with more than 50 years of experience. 

BP covers many areas of pharmacy: Chemical Medicines, Traditional Chinese Medicines, Bio and blood products, herbal pieces, Medical instruments, Active pharmaceutical ingredients and Healthcare products.

The company distributes its products in clinics, various medical centers, hospitals, etc. BPis a company that has developed the whole cycle of production - from product development, through packaging to distribution.

The motto of Beijing Pharmaceutical is "Quality is our biggest priority."

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Articolo Prodotto (i)- Modello Prezzo
Drostanolone (masteron)

Acquistare Drostanolone (masteron)

 100 tabs/25mg
Manufacturer: BioTech Labs, BeijingPacking: 100 pills x 25 mg.Pharmaceutical Name: Drostanolone propionate
100 tabs/25mg 45.00EUR

Methandienone - Biotech Labs

Acquistare Methandienone - Biotech Labs

 100 tabs/10mg
Manufacturer: Biotech Labs, BeijingPacking: 100 pills x 10mg / tab.Pharmaceutical Name: Methandienone
100 tabs/10mg 33.00EUR

Methenolone - Biotech Labs

Acquistare Methenolone - Biotech Labs

Manufacturer: Biotech Labs, BeijingPacking: 50 pills x 25mg / tab.Pharmaceutical Name: Metholone Acetate
50tab/10mg 44.00EUR

Oxandrolone - Anavar - Biotech Labs

Acquistare Oxandrolone - Anavar - Biotech Labs

 100 tabs/10mg
Manufacturer: BioTech Labs, BeijingPacking: 100 pills x 10 mg.Pharmaceutical Name: Oxandrolone - Anavar
100 tabs/10mg 44.00EUR

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