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10ml vial [200mg / 1ml]
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Substance: Boldenone undeclynate

Product Description

Boldabol greatly promotes tissues building processes in the body. Catabolism can be reversed with the use of the drug. To enhance the action of Boldabol and to enjoy its muscle building benefits, it is recommended that the protein and calorie intake of a person should also be increased. Aromatization occurs but to a lesser degree with the use of Boldabol and because of this reason there is less water retention with this drugs’ use. Boldabol is a very popular steroid in bodybuilding circles. The steroid is highly anabolic and moderately androgenic in nature. 

The muscle gains achieved with the use of Boldabol are slow and gradual yet of very high quality. The results cannot be achieved almost readily. You need to wait for two to three weeks before and results can be observed. The drug should not be administered without a prescription too. The doctor needs to be consulted before this drug can be taken. The muscle gains are more permanent in nature with the use of this drug. The drug remains active in the system for a long period f time unlike other testosterone compounds. There may be a dramatic increase in appetite with the use of Boldabol. In conjunction with other steroids, Boldabol works best to get you muscle gains and strength you want. 

Well-defined and solid muscles are what you will achieve with Boldabol. The visible gains has little or no signs of water bloat and most of the muscle gain can be retained for longer periods of time than with any other steroid. Boldabol has the tendency to suppress the production of testosterone in the testes like any other anabolic steroids. With increased dosages of the drug for prolonged period of time, there may be decreased libido observed. 

The drug can stimulate the production of red blood cells. Since the red blood cell count is increased therefore there is more hemoglobin and this results in high oxygen carrying capacity. Higher dosage of the drug remains bound to the muscle tissue. It is also not broken down by the liver. This is because the drug has a prolonged half-life. 

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  • Model: 10ml vial [200mg / 1ml]
  • Manufactured by: British Dragon

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