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Essentiale Forte 100 cps

300mg x 100 caps
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Essentiale Forte 100 cps is a preparation that contains essential phospholipids. Phospholipids are parts of the cell membrane. Phospholipids are administered in the form of this drug to patients who are suffering from a disorder of liver cell metabolism which occurs especially in those patients who have any liver disease.  The liver cells in these patients have impaired functions. The enzymatic activities of the liver cells are also limited and disturbed.

Essentiale Forte 100 cps normalizes the following activities;

  • Enzymatic activities in the liver cell
  • Impaired functions in the liver cell
  • Acceleration of liver cell generation
  • Regulating balance of blood lipids
  • Stabilization of bile

Essentiale Forte 100 cps is effective for overall liver health in general. It gives nutritional support when liver damage has been occurred due to some disease.  Mostly it is administered in chronic liver diseases. It helps in building the damaged liver cells. Essentiale Forte has therapeutic effects especially is chronic liver diseases. It is a natural product. It is side effect free too. This liver supplement is very effective in restoring the liver functions in more natural ways.

The supplement should not be administered without a prescription from the doctor. It should not be taken as medicine. Since it is a therapeutic treatment of the liver in chronic liver diseases, it is combined with other medications to produce excellent results in patients who are suffering from liver disorders of sorts. Essentiale Forte belongs to the class of medicines called the hepatoprotectors. The name suggests that it is formulated in a way so as to provide protection and support to the liver.

The essential phospholipids that are provided with Essentiale Forte are similar in structure as well as function to endogenous phospholipids. The energy consumption by the liver is decreased with the use of Essentiale Forte. Essentiale Forte works particularly well and is designed for patients suffering from acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and necrosis of liver cells, gestational toxicosis.  It provides therapeutic care in patients who have undergone surgeries on hepatobiliary system and are suffering from radiation syndrome. 

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  • Model: 300mg x 100 caps
  • Manufactured by: Nattermann and Cie. GmbH

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