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Letromina Alpha Pharma

30 mg/2,5mg
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Letromina 2,5mg

Origin:  Alpha Pharma

Content:  30tabs/ each tab 2,5 mg

Composition: letrozole

Letromina (Femara/letrozole)

is a type II (non-steroidal) third generation aromatase inhibitor.

Letrozole is currently the most powerful aromatase inhibitor available. In women with breast cancer, it has been shown to reduce estrogen levels by 98% or more (1). However, it’s use and benefits are not limited to eliminating estrogen in women.

This drug can ward off the side effects of strong androgens much better than Nolvadex and/or Proviron, making heavy cycles much more comfortable.

In one male test subject Letrozole was able to reduce estrogen levels to undetectable levels (2), and in another clinical study done on both young and elderly men, intravenous administration of Letrozole lowered Estrogen by 46% in the young men tested, and 62% in the elderly subjects. Because estrogen is part of the negative feedback loop of the HPTA, Letrozole (and other anti-estrogens) are able to raise testosterone in male subjects.

For the steroid using male athlete, Letrozole shows great potential. Up to this point, drugs like Nolvadex and Proviron have been our weapons against excess estrogen. These drugs, especially in combination, do prove quite effective. But Femara appears able to do the job much more efficiently, and with less hassle. Its use is only now catching on, but early reports have been excellent. A single tablet daily, the same dose use clinically, seems to be all one needs for an exceptional effect (some even report excellent results with only 1/4 tablet daily). When used with strong, readily aromatizing androgens such as Dianabol or testosterone, gynecomastia and water retention can be effectively blocked.

Steroid users can use it effectively at manufacturer’s clinical dose (2.5mgs) or as said above, keep their dose a little lower (0.25-1mg). I should mention that using Letrozole at such a low dose does happen to make it a very good economic choice compared with other aromatase inhibitors.

For pre-contest bodybuilders, Letrozole is almost a necessity to eliminate water retention and achieve the ripped look necessary to compete in today’s bodybuilding world. However, in my experience, it is only necessary to be used for the last 4-6 weeks, to eliminate excess estrogen and water retention. After using Letrozole I recommend staying away from any estrogen suppression for at least a month to try to normalize the body.

Letrozole is the chemical name of active ingredient in Femara. Femara is a registered trademark of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


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  • Model: 30 mg/2,5mg

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