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Methenolone Enanthate March

1ml / amp [100mg / 1ml]
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Methenolone enanthate is a popular injectable anabolic and androgenic steroid. The active substance in the drug is Methenolone enanthate. The drug is very safe to use. It helps to grow high quality muscles and has attracted the attention of athletes and bodybuilders worldwide. Its action is very slow in the body. One has to wait for results for a long period of time. The result is fruitful though and the muscles gained are of very high quality and are very stable too. The muscles do not disappear even when the drug is discontinued. Methenolone enanthate is usually stacked with other steroids to achieve better and longer lasting results. Women should avoid taking higher doses of the drug as there may be side effects that are not very favourable among women. Health concerns and issues may rise if the daily dose exceeds the prescribed amounts. The side effects worsen if the use of the drug is prolonged without prescription from the doctor.

The use of Methenolone is well-responded by the body which is a good sign contributing to the safety of the drug. Methenolone is available in the injectable as well as oral forms. It is better to get the drug administered in the injectable forms.  The enanthate ester is quite long-acting. For all those athletes who want to achieve the natural status in athletics, this drug is just the right option to obtain sturdy looking muscles that last for long. The drug has extremely low androgenic properties. The long ester attached is slow acting and therefore the concentration of Methenolone enanthate remains steady in the blood for long. 

The use of Methenolone enanthate in medicine has been established since long. It has been used to treat dry breast tumors and diseases. The steroid does not convert to estrogen. Because of this reason it is unlikely that conditions like gynecomastia and water retention may occur with the use of this drug. Methenolone enanthate is a good choice for cutting cycles in both males and females. Methenolone enanthate binds well with androgen receptors. It is derived from DHT. Side effects include: 


 Oily skin

 Facial or body hair


Effective Dose: 100 - 300 mg/week

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  • Model: 1ml / amp [100mg / 1ml]
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