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Pregnyl 3x1500 IU

3x1500 IU / box
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Pregnyl 3 x 1500 IU is a powder for solution to be injected. It contains Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG. The use of Pregnyl leads to ovulation in females and in males it leads to the production of testosterone. The male plasma levels will show maximal levels of HCG 6 to 16 hours after the administration of Pregnyl in injectable forms. The maximal levels will be reached in women after 20 hours of the administration of the drug. The metabolism of HCG occurs majorly in the kidneys. The preparation is achieved after highly purifying urine of pregnant human females.

Some people may report hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of Pregnyl. Hypersensitivity may occur to some of the inactive ingredients of Pregnyl as well. In this condition a doctor must be consulted immediately. The drug should not be administered without proper consultation and prescription by a doctor or medical practitioner. Extreme caution must be taken when using this drug. The drug should not come in contact with other members of the family especially if there are any pregnant women. The drug can cause serious complication s in an unborn baby. Pregnant women should not in any case use this drug. 

Side effects of this drug may include swelling at the injection site, pain at the injection site, redness and itching at the injection site and bruising at the injection site. These side effects may occur as a result of allergic reactions to the drug. If this happens the use of the drug should be immediately discontinued and a doctor or medical practitioner must be consulted immediately. Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome may occur in females. Sodium and water retention is reported mainly in males. HCG treatment may even cause gynecomastia. 

The drug should be bought from trusted online and local stores only. Plasma levels of HCG in males may reach maximum levels after 6 to 16 hours of the administration of the drug. In females it occurs after 20 hours of administration. The drug is metabolized mainly in the kidneys. Recommended dosage of the drug should only be taken. 

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