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SEPTONEX PLUS 1 X 45ml Spray Solution

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What your medicine?
Trimecainum 34.29 mg, 5.05 mg carbethopendecinii bromide in 1 ml.

Other substances contained in drug
Povidone 25, hemihydrát chlorobutanol, propylene glycol, ethanol 96%.

Septonex Plus is a combined product containing surfactant
disinfectants - bromide karbetopendecinia and local anesthetic
trimekain, which raises the local anesthetic. Disinfecting effect is
prevent the reproduction of bacteria and viruses. Trimekain acts against
and the spread of excitation along the nerve fibers and nerve endings in the skin or
the mucosa. The effect comes in 1-2 minutes after application of
and there is 3 hours.

When you have medicine
Septonex Plus should not be administered to patients with proven hypersensitivity to
The product is not suitable for the treatment of immediate surroundings eye.
Patients with the management of cardiac excitation, with liver function,
with epilepsy and pregnant and nursing women should have the use of
consult a doctor.

Side effects
The product is well tolerated, only in susceptible individuals can locally irritate
Occasional skin or cause allergic reactions (redness, pupínky,
vesicles, mokvání). When absorption of larger quantities of product that can
mainly after repeated immediately after the successive application
product may arise conditions associated with central nervous irritation
system (anxiety, fear, anxiety, dizziness, excitement, obscured vision,
increased muscle tension).
It may occur forcing the feeling sick, vomiting, general weakness.

After removal of the guard sharp compression valve sprayed on
affected area from a distance of about 10 cm so that the affected area
create continuous layers.
The product is applied 2-3 times a day. Between the individual doses must
be at least 3 hours.

The product must not be taken internally, not to get into the eye and must not be
breathe. If this occurs, it is necessary to visit a doctor immediately.
If the speeches skin suppuration after use Septonexu Plus to improve
3 days is necessary to visit a doctor.
Without consulting the doctor does not use more than 1 week.
If at the same time Septonexem Plus taking other preparations for external
use to tell your doctor.

At 25 st. C. Keep the product in the original package to
was protected from light.
Combustible! Do not use near open flame!

The product should not be used after the expiration date shown on the
Keep out of reach and sight of children.

45 ml of solution in a glass container with a mechanical dispenser.

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