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Genotropin 36IU Pfizer

New Genotropin 36IU Pfizer

Manufacturer:  Pfizer

Substance: Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Pack: 1 x 36IU 

Genotropin is a peptide hormone HGH means human development due to its excessive similarity to the human hormones, which is utilized in many treatments.Human development hormone is a naturally occurring substance secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. It's important for regular development and improvement. Development hormone (GH)is secreted by the pituitary gland since delivery and the degrees peak round late adolescence. Within the 2nd decade of life, the degrees of development hormone started to say no.

General Information:

Drug name: Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Drug class: Anabolic / androgenic steroids.

Common drug quantity: Injections: 15-100 IU

Side Effects:

GH may cause a number of side effects, that are disturbing. The most typical include:

  • Generalized edema
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Neuropathies (e.g., numbness and tingling)
  • Increase blood glucose levels


The dosage should be is generally suggested daily dose of 0.025-0.035mg/kg body weight or 0.7-1.0/m2 body surface area.

Alternative designation:

Estradiol, Estrone, Estriol, Progesterone, Calcitriol, Calcidiol, Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, Prostacyclin, Thromboxane, Lipotropin, Brain natriuretic peptide, Neuropeptide Y, Histamine, Endothelin, Pancreatic polypeptide, Renin, genotropin, huma, humano, humanotrop, humanotrope, norditrop, norditrope, norditropin, rhgh genesis, hgh genesis, soma, somatrop, somatrope, Asellacrin, Crescormon, Genotropin, Grorm, Humatrope, Nanormon, Norditropin Penset, Saizen, Somatogenas-L, Somatogen-L, Somatonorm, sopin, omnitrope, rhgh-1,Gastrin, Ghrelin, Glucagon, Gonadotropin-releasing hormone, Growth hormone-releasing hormone, Human chorionic gonadotropin, Human placental lactogen, Growth hormone, Inhibin, Insulin, Insulin-like growth factor, Leptin, Luteinizing hormone, Melanocyte stimulating hormone, Orexin, Oxytocin.

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